Trash & Recycling

with The Trash Company

Things to know

We have limited capacity, 2 trash dumpsters and two single stream recycling dumpsters. This cannot be increased by order of Grand County. THE TRASH COMPANY in Granby is responsible for providing, maintaining, and emptying the Dumpsters. 


There are over 100 users for this service, and this is not an unlimited dumping facility. The intent is to provide for the disposal of ordinary household garbage and recycling.


Users must be a WPHA member and renew membership each year. All users must also have a paid account with THE TRASH COMPANY. 


To sign up just call them at 970-627-8531. The Trash Company will give you the latest Winter Park Highlands rate for the dumpster use.


Only property owners within the boundaries of the Winter Park Highlands are eligible to use this service.


Dumpsters are in WPHA Commons by Bielenberg Pond on GCR 8564. 

New user fee

Effective July 1, 2018 all new users will be required to pay a one-time $120 New User fee to cover future maintenance of the trash enclosure. The WPHA Board of Directors has made the determination that charging new users this fee is the fairest way to proceed, given that existing users have paid a surcharge of up to $240 to cover the cost of the enclosure construction. 


Please use the PayPal button to pay with a credit card or mail a check to:



PO Box 275

Tabernash, CO 80478

More information

Trash dumpsters are emptied twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. There will be a third pick up on Thursday during the summer.

Recycle dumpsters are emptied once a week on Tuesday. This is the only day The Trash Company recycle truck is available.

Please never leave anything outside either the trash or recycle dumpsters. Animals (bears) will get into stuff left outside and will make a mess. If the dumpsters are full just take your stuff back home and come back another time.

Please know that Items left outside/on top of the dumpsters will NOT be removed by THE TRASH COMPANY, they will be left on the ground for others to clean-up. Do the right thing and take to another facility or come another time.

From time to time the combination code on the dumpsters will be changed for security reasons. When this happens, all authorized users will be informed by email the date of the change, they will then need to call THE TRASH COMPANY for the new code prior to the change date.

Always make sure the doors and locks are closed and the code scrambled after you finish dumping your trash or recycling on all the dumpsters. Unlocked dumpsters just encourage people who don’t pay for the service, to use it for free and contribute to overloading. 

Never give the lock combination to anyone outside of your household or ownership group. Short term renters should not be given the combination – let your cleaning person dispose of the trash and recycling or leave pre-purchased trash bags for THE DUMP in Fraser. Renters are unlikely to have an appreciation of the ramifications of leaving items outside the dumpsters and knowledge of the items that can be appropriately left in each type of dumpster.

Always break down cardboard boxes for recycling, this makes more room in the dumpster. Do not put recycling in a plastic bag and leave it in the dumpster, just empty the bag in the dumpster and the empty bag in the trash.

No tires, car batteries, construction materials/waste, electronics tree waste(slash) or hazardous waste should be placed in the dumpsters.

THE TRASH COMPANY’s Granby transfer station can take the large items (old furniture) and construction waste for a reasonable fee.

Please remember this is a shared resource with limited capacity and take personal responsibility to make sure the area is clean when you leave, all the doors are shut, the locks are locked and only appropriate items and amounts have been disposed of. For a list of acceptable recycling items please visit this link.

Other trash and recycle options in Grand County

THE TRASH COMPANY (970-627-8531) also offers weekly trash pick-up at the end of your driveway and dumpsters on your property with pick-up on demand. A drop off service at their Transfer Station in Granby during business hours is a reasonably priced option.

Waste Management offers similar service to THE TRASH COMPANY and a recycling service at ACE Hardware in Granby. Senior citizens may drop off trash and recycling at their transfer station in Hot Sulphur Springs at NO charge.

THE DROP service in Fraser is open WED, SAT, and SUN 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. They offer 40-gallon yellow trash bags for $8.50 and free recycling. Bags may be purchased at several locations and on site. 

Front Range second homeowners may find it more economical to just take their trash and recycling back home.

STR’s may find an on-site dumpster a hassle-free option and more convenient for their guests.