Building & Renovating

Covenants and the Architectural Committee

Are you planning to build a new home, start and exterior remodel or replacing a deck? Do you want to add a fence or a garage or other outbuilding? Install solar panels or a windmill? Here’s what you need to know.


First, please note that Winter Park Highlands is a covenant-controlled community. A copy of the Covenants, which are applicable to all six Units in the Highlands (Units 1-5 and Greenridge), is available here.


The Architectural Committee Regulations and Procedures are here.


First step is to complete the Project Review Request Form. The link will download an MS Word document to your computer.  You can modify the file and email to Scott McNary or fill in by hand and mail it in (see addresses below).  Then, before you begin your project please submit your building plans to Scott. The members of the Committee and Scott’s contact information are listed below. The Committee is there to help you navigate the Covenants and permitting necessary to complete your project without a hitch. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them.


Note: Grand County will not issue a building permit without the WPHA ACC approval.  As the covenants come with the property, the WPHA ACC approval is required whether you are an HOA member or not.

Architectural Committee members

Scott McNary, Chairman

PO Box 275

Tabernash, CO 40478

Additional members:

Tyson Dearduff

Mike Hagerty

Scott McNary

Fred Chapin

Beth Lay

Bob Colosimo

Building a Firewise home

The Colorado State Forest Service has published an excellent brochure called Firewise Construction – Design and Materials that contains a lot of interesting information and good ideas for building a firewise home. Check it out here.

Camping while building

The Grand County Zoning Regulations are specific regarding camping on residential lots of less than 35 acres and are enforced.


The following is excerpted from the adopted Grand County Zoning Regulations:


(g) One (1) travel trailer, camper or motor home as defined by the Grand County zoning for use during the construction of an owner built single-family dwelling. The travel trailer, truck camper, or motor home must be entirely self-contained, or must be connected to the well and septic, or water and sewer service for the property on which the single-family dwelling will be located. This accessory use is allowed for one (1) continuous year. The time period for this one (1) year allowance will begin with the Grand County Building Department’s footing inspection. This accessory use is not available until an approved building permit has been issued. Only one (1) continuous one (1) year period is allowed per building permit for a dwelling unit. At the end of the one (1) year period, the travel 50 trailer, truck camper, or motor home must be removed if construction has not been completed, or the building permit will be rescinded. No extensions of this time period will be allowed.


The underlying reasons for the regulations are, of course, health & safety of the owners and adjacent property owners especially re: sanitation. A porta-potty on site is inadequate.


So, regardless of the Subdivisions bylaws, etc. camping is prohibited by the county.